Putting new vinyl siding on your home just before you sell it can give you a certain return on investment (ROI). That is, you can earn some of the siding’s value back. For example, installing new vinyl siding gives you an estimated ROI of 67%. 

But the house colors you choose can also play a role in your ROI. After all, not everyone appreciates a pink house. And popular vinyl siding color options are different each year. 

To maximize your ROI, you must choose the right colors. Below are some of the most popular market square siding colors of 2023. Read on! 

1. Lighthouse Red 

If you want to make your house stand out, red is a good choice. This color can be bold without being too bold. As it reminds people of farmhouses, it’s also a good choice for a modern farmhouse design. 

Plus, according to color theory, red is the complementary color to green. So a red exterior house color scheme can make green plants around a home pop. 

But you have to pick a red that isn’t too bright; otherwise, it will be too harsh on the eyes. You also don’t want to go too brown or else the color will look dull. Lighthouse Red meets the criteria for the perfect shade of red. 

2. Cypress 

Cypress siding house surrended with trees

Cypress is a lovely muted green color. Like Lighthouse Red, it’s not bright enough to hurt the eyes, but it is still bolder than more neutral colors. This green also pairs well with earthy home accent colors like tans, creams, and beiges. 

Plus, the color green can make one feel that their home is truly a haven. According to color psychology, green evokes a sense of tranquility. That should be the kind of feeling you’d want when coming home after a long and weary day. 

3. Indigo

Blue is another color that gives one a sense of peacefulness and tranquility. Perhaps this is because it reminds people of a clear stormless sky. Or maybe it reminds us of the blue waters we need to live. 

Whatever the case, blue is also most people’s favorite color. So even though it’s a bit bold, it’s likely a safe bet. You’ll likely find a blue-loving home buyer who will pay a high price for a blue home. 

4. Espresso

Some people might believe that brown home colors are too dull. But not everyone wants their home to be an exciting color. More neutral tones can calm the mind down even more than blues or greens can. 

Another notable fact is that brown vinyl siding color options are very popular in the southern regions. So you may want to choose Espresso if you live in this region. Southern home buyers are likely to be the kind of people who would love it. 

With that being said, you may want to note the colors of the homes around you before choosing between vinyl siding color options. An exterior home color scheme that differs from the homes around it can reduce curb appeal. 

5. Canyon

Tan is another great neutral color and Canyon is not an exception to this rule. Because this color is so unprovocative, it’s highly universal. You can place Canyon siding on any style of home you can imagine. 

But you don’t have to keep the whole house neutral if you don’t want to. Bolder home accent colors work well with Canyon. This is also the reason why it blends in well in a neighborhood with homes of varying colors. 

So consider painting the house trim and/or frames in a bolder, earthy tone like green. You can also ask professional roofers to add green shingles to your house’s roof. 

6. Wheat 

wheat yellow siding small house with a front porch

Do you want your home to have a nice, happy yellow color? If so, the bright yellowishness of Wheat may just be the tint for you. You can make this yellow’s brightness stand out even more if you pair it with darker home trim colors like green or brown. 

But be careful. Some color psychology studies have found that yellow can cause people to have negative reactions. For example, people are more likely to lose their tempers in yellow rooms. 

This issue shouldn’t affect your ROI too much. But if you plan on living in a yellow home, you may want to think twice. You may end up having a lot of breakdowns when you’re in the front or backyards of your yellow home.  

7. Aspen White 

White is a classic color that most people love. It also pairs well with a variety of different trim colors. Plus, the brightness of Aspen White in particular makes it highly striking to look at. 

Plus, if you live in a warm climate, the color white has an extra special benefit. White reflects heat rather than absorbs it. So if you want your home to stay cool in the summer, white is the way to go. 

8. Carbon 

When it comes to heat movement, black does the opposite of what white does. It absorbs heat instead of reflecting it. So a black house can work well in a cold region. Black siding will absorb all of the heat and keep the home interior warm. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that Carbon doesn’t work well with all home styles. It works best on more contemporary buildings. So you need to consider if black is truly the best design choice for your home. 

Choose Market Square Siding Colors With Us 

large family house with blue market square siding

As you can see, you have plenty of trendy market square siding colors to choose from. But you have to be careful with the one you choose. The wrong color can reduce your home’s value. 

Once you’ve chosen an exterior home color scheme that you like, contact us. We serve Louisville and southern Indiana with our siding and roof services. Fill out this form today to get a free quote from us.