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    I agree to & understand the following terms; The name must be given to Andes Roofing in writing prior to the referred individual contacting Andes Roofing. If however, the referred individual were to name the referring individual as the reason they are contacting Andes Roofing, it may be reason to earn a referral IF all other stipulations listed are met. If the referred individual names multiple people as the reason for the referral, the referral reward amount will be divided equally amongst the referring parties. Andes Roofing must not already be working with the person that is being referred for the referring individual to receive the reward. The referral reward will be given to the first referring party. For example, if Person A refers Person X and later Person B refers the same person, only Person A would receive the referral reward. The person being referred must acknowledge that they were referred by the referring party. The referred person must follow through on their contract with Andes Roofing for installation of the roofing system. If the referred individual signs their contract but does not proceed no referral reward will be paid out. The referral reward will be paid out at the completion of the job. Referral fees may not be allowed in certain industries or may not be allowed to be paid directly to a person. Andes Roofing reserves the right to end or modify this referral program or modify the reward amount at any time.
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