Dealing with roof repairs can quickly become stressful, complex, and expensive for people. Not only do they need to get a new roof, but they also have to identify a reputable contractor. As you search for roofing contractors, you’ll need to look out for scammers.

A roofing scam can happen to anyone if they overlook the red flags. As you understand how these roofing scams happen and their dangers, you can remain safe from roofing scammers.

Insurance Company Scams

Some roofing scams may try to trick you with insurance fraud. Insurance fraud refers to a scam where a company claims to offer you insurance. They’ll claim a high deductible and as little cost as possible to trick you. 

Insurance Deductible Claims

A high deductible sounds appealing, but if it seems too good for what you pay, that might be the case. Research a company that makes claims like these since the company may commit insurance fraud.

If you can’t find information on the company, you shouldn’t trust it or its roofing services. Instead, contact an insurance agent from a massive insurance company to confirm the details.

Loan Scams

On top of fake companies, others may try to trick you with a loan scam. A loan scam involves signing for a loan with high interest, pay, and other drawbacks that make it nearly impossible to pay back in full.

Loan scammers want you to be stuck with their loan forever, so they’ll trick you into signing a legally binding contract. If you ever want to get a loan, ensure you check with other companies beforehand to avoid scams as you find better rates.

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How to Avoid Loan Scams

You should look up business information before agreeing to the loan. Doing so involves looking up the business name, getting a second opinion, and looking at the Better Business Bureau (BBB.) Make sure you research, listen carefully, and contact the BBB about a potential scam.

Non-Certified Roofing Contractor

As you look into roofing contractors, you’ll need to check their certifications before they start replacing roofs. Most areas require people to have a certificate or other qualifications if they want to repair damaged roofs.

Make sure you ask the roofer about their certifications and even research them. You’ll want to do this before work begins to ensure they can legally work on your home. Otherwise, they may perform a shoddy roof repair, and you could even face legal trouble for the situation.

Remain wary if you find a roofer knocking in your neighborhood. They may offer home repairs and seek to scam you as a fake contractor.

Liability Insurance Claim Scams

Repair scams don’t always take the form of tricking you into getting insurance or a low starting bid. However, you must watch out for liability scams when someone is working on your house. Since they’re on your property and go on your roof, they may try to sue you for injuries.

Some may even fake injuries while they offer you a free inspection and go on your property. Make sure you don’t let any shady roofers on without contacting roofing companies ahead of time.

Scammers will try and go on as many roofs as possible to seek money. Verify the contractors have contractor’s liability insurance before letting them work. Doing so means they have their coverage, so they don’t need to sue homeowners for injuries or damages.

Upfront Payment Scams

Some scammers will try to get you to make a payment upfront before they work on your roof. You should only make a payment upfront if your insurance company requires you to make a co-pay before the contractor starts their work.

Some may push you to make total payment upfront. If you pay all the money, they have no reason to remain faithful to the work, so if you give them all the money, they may leave and never start the process.

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How to Avoid Payment Scams

If a roofing contractor ever makes a demand like this, contact a different roofing company. Many other companies will never force you to make a large down payment, so you’ll find better and safer deals elsewhere.

The roofing business may try to get you to make a payment by offering a considerable discount. However, never fall for this since the scammers will take whatever money they can get from you if you give them a down payment.

Additional Damage Scams

You may run into additional damage scams if a storm recently hit your home. These scammers may show up at your house and offer a free roof inspection. When they get on your roof, they’ll find mystery damage.

That means they’ll go on your roof and cause damage to it, so they can claim they’ll repair your roof. The scammers may even mention they saw the damage from outside and wanted to get a closer look as a kind gesture towards you.

Never let someone on your property unless your insurance company sends them. You should also research companies ahead of time to ensure they have the credentials for you to trust them. Otherwise, you could face further damages from fraudulent home improvement companies.

Low-Quality Repairs

While you want a contractor for a full roof replacement, you also want a well-constructed roof. Unfortunately, some scammers may replace roofs quickly, but they overlook essential aspects of the repairing process and even use cheap materials.

Make sure you ask them about materials ahead of time to check the price. Some may use inflated material costs to squeeze more money out of you. Get a quote ahead of time and ask other companies to avoid this problem from a contractor.

As storm season arrives, other contractors may offer low-quality repairs to help with bad weather events. Always go for the best repairs possible since homeowners can face storm damage if the contractors don’t perform a proper repair.


As you consider your situation and take care of your roof, ensure you seek a proper roof replacement and avoid scams. Doing so requires you to look out for common roofing scams to help you avoid them.

If your area gets major storms, scammers may show up to try and convince you to fall for their scams. So even though you need to address home improvement for your roof, you should look for these warning signs in case a scammer appears at your door unannounced.