Replacing your entire roof is a significant investment in your home that should protect your structure and last for years. However, since it is not a frequent occurrence, many individuals may not know current roofing prices and what is the typical roofing cost when it comes time for this major job. 

So, what are the average roof replacement costs for homeowners in 2022? Naturally, the final bill for a new roof will reflect your home’s size and the type of roofing materials you use. Therefore, a roof replacement can generally fall between $4,500 and $11,000, with the standard amount coming in around $8,400 for an average homeowner. 

Factors That Affect Your Roofing Costs

Because most residents cannot perform roof replacements, hiring a professional roofing company is vital to complete this task on an existing roof. But, of course, trained experts are not free, so knowing the numerous factors that affect roof cost will give a better indication of what you are facing as an average cost. 

Some other factors that will alter new roof costs include: 

  • Roofing material 
  • Size of the home
  • Roof accessibility 
  • Roof pitch and shape 
  • Additional materials 
  • Labor 
  • Removal, clean-up, and dumping fees 
  • Municipal building permits 
  • Regional location 
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Roofing Material 

The type of materials you choose for your roof is one of the more significant elements for pricing. For example, an asphalt shingle roof will be less than expensive roofing material like slate roofing, metal, or concrete tile products. 

Here are some average cost amounts you can expect for roof replacement based on the materials: 

  • Basic asphalt shingles: $8,000
  • Architectural shingle products: $17,500
  • Wood shingles: $16,500
  • Clay tile roof: $12,500
  • Slate roof: $29,100 
  • Metal roofs: $36,000

Size of the Home 

Naturally, the larger the home is, the more material you will need for your roof project. Some buildings will have multiple levels, require more roof features coverage, and increase the total price, even when using less expensive items like asphalt shingles. Roofing contractors will often provide estimates on square foot measurements for your roof size. 

In addition, if you only require a partial roof replacement, the average cost can be drastically lower than if your home has an entirely new installation. Here is a typical range of prices for materials based on the current roofing industry. 

  • Basic three tab shingles: $3 per square foot
  • Architectural shingles: $5.50 per square foot
  • Wood shakes: $12 per square foot
  • Clay tiles: $10.50 per square foot
  • Slate composite shingles: $20 per square foot
  • Metal shingles: $18 per square foot

Accessibility Affecting Roof Cost

Access to the roof is vital to complete the work necessary, making a new roof for one-story homes simpler to navigate and work on than multi-level homes with steep roofs. Consider how much effort an expert contractor requires to go up and down ladders and transport materials to multiple levels for your roof installation. 

In addition, restricted roof areas can make performing work more challenging and take more time or need specialized tools. 

The Roof’s Pitch and Shape 

Although the square footage of a roof can be an excellent indicator of the materials needed, the pitch, shape, and roof complexity will also affect the replacement costs. Homes with a steeper slope may require additional work hours, tools, and experienced professionals who can handle the job successfully, increasing the labor cost. 

Additional Roofing Materials 

Sometimes replacing a roof will cost more than just new shingles and labor. With some roofing projects, once a contractor removes the old materials, underlying roof damage issues are apparent and need resolution before replacing the area with a new roof. 

If you have any unresolved repairs, they need completion during this time. Other instances of additional material costs affecting the total cost include replacing flashing, fasteners, and roof underlayment. 

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Your roof will not replace itself, making professional labor a vital aspect of the total costs. Generally, individuals should expect labor costs to account for 60% of the total bill. However, labor hours can quickly add up to more if your home has special needs, like steep slopes, challenging areas, or other unique features. 

Removal, Clean-Up, and Dumping Fees 

A professional roofing contractor should successfully remove old roof materials from your home, clean up the work area, and take everything away for dumping. Unfortunately, everything comes at a cost. 

Some experts will have a dump bin on site they use during the project, while others remove items at the end of each day. Each method will have specific costs associated and can alter the final price. 

Municipal Building Permits 

Some regions require you to obtain a building permit when completing a roofing project, while others do not. These permits can be anywhere from $150 to $500, which will be an additional item on your roofing contractor’s invoice at the end of the job. 

Regional Location 

Of course, where you live will directly impact the cost of replacing a roof on your home. Some locations, like Florida, will require roof materials that can withstand harsh UV rays. Alternatively, homes in colder climates need a durable roof for snow and extreme weather. 

Roof Costs After Storm Damage

If you are looking at roof repairs or completing work under your roof warranty, deciding on a roofing contractor that fits the budget of your homeowners insurance is beneficial. Anytime a professional handles an insurance claim, the total amount may be higher than your insurance covers, leaving the homeowner to pay the difference. 

In addition, a roof repair that requires involvement from your insurance company may restrict the recognized professionals in your region. Therefore, when receiving a roof cost estimate after a storm, homeowners should check that the contractor is an authorized company to complete the work. 

The National Average Cost of a New Roof for Your Home

Although it can be challenging to pinpoint how much a new roof will cost, having a professional roof inspection can narrow it down for you. So whether you need a metal roof, concrete tiles, or asphalt shingles, your roof cost can be as unique as your home.