Metal roofs tend to be in the middle of the materials cost spectrum. Of course, it all depends on the type of metal you choose and other factors such as labor and house size. However, there are plenty of reasons why a metal roof makes an excellent home investment, such as: 

  • Energy efficiency 💡
  • Longevity ⏰
  • Durability 💪

So, how much does a metal roof cost, and what are the benefits of having one installed? Read on to find out!

Why Choose Metal Roofing?

Whether it’s time for a new roof or you’re thinking about upgrading for the sake of your home value, there are tons of reasons why metal roofing is a great option.

metal rooftop providing durable protection for home
  • It’s more durable and longer lasting. One of the primary reasons why homeowners are attracted to metal roofs is their lifespan. Metal roofs are known to last between 40 and 70 years, while their asphalt shingle counterparts only last just over 25 years. What’s more, it takes a much greater force to damage a metal roof compared to other materials.
  • They’re easier to clean. Roof maintenance, as in regular upkeep, is part of being a good homeowner. Metal roofs are much easier to clean compared to other materials because they hold up much better during a pressure wash and are more resistant to mold and algae growth.
  • They’re more energy efficient. The environment, in general, has some pretty serious effects on the heating and cooling of your home. Not only are metals highly reusable — making them the more eco-friendly option — but they’re much more energy efficient due to how they’re better able to reflect the sun’s UV rays. This lowers surface temperatures significantly, which lowers energy costs.
  • They offer a better resale value. A (newer) metal roof can significantly increase your home’s curb appeal and resale value simply because homeowners are willing to pay more for a home they’ll have to make fewer improvements on. Depending on your location and the type of metal roofing material you choose, you could end up seeing a 60%-85% return on your investment once it comes time to sell.
  • They’re weather and fire-resistant. Metal can withstand severe weather events, including hail, high winds, and heavy rains. What’s more, metal can resist fire and smoke damage incredibly well, making it an excellent choice in areas that are prone to wildfires.

How Much Does a Metal Roof Cost?

So, how much does a metal roof cost? It all comes down to certain factors, which include but are not limited to:

  • The type of metal
  • The size of the home
  • Installation costs
  • The necessary permits

The type of metal you choose will arguably have the biggest impact on the cost of your metal roofing. Here’s the breakdown of cost by the most popular types of metal according to the current national average:

Aluminum Shingles 

multi-level metal roof made of strong aluminum

Aluminum is a top choice for homeowners who live on the coast as it’s more resistant to corrosion and saltwater damage. It’s also relatively affordable, as it costs between $3.15 and $6 per square foot for aluminum shingles alone. 

Aluminum is also a pretty easy material to work with, which keeps installation costs low as well. The labor costs for aluminum shingles typically costs between $9 and $16.50 per square foot, which falls between $15,500 and $28,000 for the installation. 

Copper Tiles

Copper roofing is incredibly lightweight and durable. It’s also aesthetically appealing, which makes it a very attractive metal roof option. However, it’s one of the more expensive metal roof options, costing $14 to $25 per square foot.

The labor costs for copper tiles are between $21 and $39.70 per square foot, which ends up being between $35,700 and $67,500.

Corrugated Metal Panels

Corrugated metal panels have a wave-like appearance which makes them easier to install since the grooves of each wave are designed to fit together without issue. Therefore, corrugated metal is another affordable metal roof option. However, it is less durable compared to the other types of metal roofing out there.

Corrugated metal is typically made from galvanized steel or Galvalume, which will run you between $1 and $2.50 per square foot and between $5.50 and $11.50 for the installation. Overall, corrugated metal panels will cost you between $9,350 and $19,500.

Standing Seam Panels

metal roof standing seam style made of steel

Standing seam panels can be made from several different metals. These panels usually have a vertical ribbed appearance which help them conceal the fastening in between them. Depending on the type of metal used, the panels can either be snap-locked or fastened into place via special metal caps.

The metals used to create standing seam panels are usually aluminum, steel, copper, or zinc. Depending on the metal used, the panels will cost you between $4 and $6.50 per square foot. Along with installation, it’ll cost between $17,000 and $30,000, with aluminum and steel being on the lower end of the cost spectrum.

Steel Shingles and Tiles

There are a few different types of steel roofing, including galvanized steel and Galvalume. 

For 100 square of Galvalume paneling, the cost ranges from $75 and $250 with installation costs of roughly $5.50 per square foot. Galvanized steel is more expensive, costing between $3.35 and $4.25 per square foot and about $10 per square foot for its installation. 

You can also opt for stainless steel, which will cost $10 to $16 per square feet and up to $15.50 per square foot of installation. 

Are You Ready for a New Metal Roof?

When it comes to metal roofing systems, you have plenty of options regarding the materials and aesthetic. While a new metal roof will cost around $30,000 on average, it’ll likely last a lifetime with the proper maintenance, which makes it well worth the investment — even if you plan to sell your home down the road.

When you’re ready for a metal roof, Andes Roofing is ready to provide you with a quote and more.