As far as gutter guard systems go, LeafGuard and LeafFilter are two very well-respected names in the industry. Both companies have been providing gutter protection and gutter installation to homes and businesses for over a decade, and both are highly rated by homeowners and business owners alike.

Of course, both companies’ gutter guards differ greatly in design, which means they’re best suited for different needs. This can make something as simple as choosing a gutter system for your home challenging, which is why we put together this Leaf Filter vs Leaf Guard guide.

Below we’ll give you the rundown of what each product has to offer so you can get a clearer picture of your options. Keep reading to learn more.

An Overview of LeafFilter and LeadGuard

The most important thing you need to understand about LeafFilter and LeafGuard is that they’re two entirely different types of gutter guard products. 

🌿 LeafFilter 

LeafFilter gutter guards are designed to prevent holes, gaps, and large openings so that water doesn’t seep into places it’s not supposed to go. This also ensures that debris is kept out of the gutter system as well, which essentially eliminates the need for regular gutter replacements. Most importantly, LeafFilter is comprised of a three-piece system that includes 275-micron steel mesh, a uPVC frame, and strong structural hangers. 

🍁 LeafGuard 

LeafGuard offers a one-piece gutter system that has a seamless design. This is how it’s able to reduce instances of clogging after being installed. The overall design is based on the principles of liquid adhesion, according to the manufacturer, which means any water will cling to the hood of the gutter. From there, it’ll be carried away from the home while debris will essentially bounce off and fall to the ground.

It should also be noted that while LeafFilter is designed to be used with your existing gutters, LeafGuard will require that you have an entirely new gutter system installed. 

Now let’s dive into the rest of the two gutter guards’ key differences:

The Installation Process 🔨

Both LeafFilter and LeafGuard products require professional installation — not by the homeowner. This means that the installation process for both products will be similar from company to company.

  • The LeafFilter professionals will come to your home for the scheduled installation, and they’ll start by cleaning and realigning your existing gutter system to ensure it’s in good shape for the next steps. Since LeafFilter uses hidden hangers to install their product directly into the fascia board, so they won’t have to lift the shingles. Not only is this method simpler, it avoids damage, and it doesn’t interfere with your existing roofing warranty.
  • LeafGuard installation requires both the new gutter installation as well as the gutter cover. While the installation process is exactly like Leaffilter’s process in that the system is nailed into the fascia board and doesn’t interfere with other components, it does require that your old gutters are removed.

Both companies can install their gutter products within just a few hours, depending on the size of your home.

The Costs 💸

Neither company has their pricing published directly online. This is largely due to the fact that their products are not for retail sale and cannot be installed by the homeowner or business owner. Because of this, each company determines the final prices based on materials and labor costs — which are directly related to the size and structure of your home.

However, here’s what you’ll need to consider:

  • LeafGuard is known to be the more expensive option as it requires a new gutter system to be installed, regardless of the condition of your existing gutter system.
  • LeafFilter is less expensive as the product only consists of the gutter cover, which can easily be installed over your existing gutters.
  • If your current gutters are in bad shape, it makes more sense to opt for LeafGuard products as the package deal (new gutters plus covers and the disposal of your old gutters) will be more cost-effective.

The Warranty 🏅

Put simply, LeafFilter offers a much better warranty than LeafGuard. 

  • LeafFilter offers a 100% money-back guarantee with the claim that your gutters will remain free of debris and that your home will not endure any interior water damage as a result of clogging. This is known as their “no clog guarantee”, and the warranty is valid for the entire life of your home. It’s also transferable to the next homeowner should you decide to sell. 
  • LeafGuard offers a warranty that’s associated with more provisions. For example, it protects your investment in the event of blistering, cracking, chipping, etc, but it doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee. If your gutter system does happen to clog, however, the responsibility is on the installing dealer to find a solution. Additionally, the warranty does last for a lifetime, but only for the original homeowner. It can be transferred upon selling the home, but the warranty will be reduced to 50 years, and it will also be prorated.

Rainwater Capacity 🌧️

Another important consideration when choosing between LeafFilter and LeafGuard is the amount of rain each product can handle. Rainwater capacity is typically measured in inches per hour, so the type of inclement weather your area receives year-round will factor into your choice.

  • LeafFilter does not advertise a rainwater capacity. However, this is due to the fact that their product is essentially a high-grade filter screen. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that your rainwater capacity won’t be higher than what your existing gutter system is rated to take on.
  • LeafGaurd, on the other hand, is rated to handle up to 32 inches of rain per hour. This is more than three times the average rainfall record recorded by the U.S. Weather Bureau, which means you won’t have to worry about your investment during heavy rains.

Which Gutter Product Is Right For You?

Ultimately, your choice between LeafFilter and Leaf Guard will come down to your most essential needs. As mentioned earlier, if your existing gutters need to be replaced, LeafGuard can offer you a better value. However, if all you need is a new gutter cover, LeafFilter is the better option.

When it comes to all things gutters, Andes Roofing can help you make the right choice. We also work primarily with RainDrop gutter products, which is another excellent option. Give us a call today to learn more about our gutter system services.