Without any real intervention, you might get two or three decades out of your vinyl siding. However, when you start with high-quality materials and take good care of them, you may be able to get as many as 40 years out of your vinyl siding before it needs to be replaced. 

What kind of care does vinyl siding need? Believe it or not, you should clean vinyl siding at least once a year if you want it to stay spick and span—and prevent serious damage.

The question is, how can you clean vinyl siding the right way? As home exterior experts, we’ve got the answers you need.

Read on to find out how to clean vinyl siding in three steps and stick around for some FAQs.

How to Clean Vinyl Siding the Right Way

older homeowner cleans vinyl siding of home with extended brush

That list of outdoor chores can seem like it’s never-ending, and adding another step to your outdoor routine may not seem like the most appealing choice. However, our guide to cleaning vinyl siding keeps things as simple as possible. Depending on the size of your home, you can complete these three quick steps in a single afternoon!

Step 1: Prepare Your Vinyl Siding Cleaner

The first step is to prepare your vinyl siding cleaner, which you’ll want to do based on the current state of your vinyl siding. If all you need to do is remove some grime and dirt, you can add a cup or two of general purpose cleaner to a bucket of warm water to create a somewhat sudsy and easy-to-spread mixture. Always be mindful of what you’re mixing to avoid toxic combinations.

If, however, your siding is suffering from mold and mildew growth, you’ll need something a little stronger and more targeted. Purchase a commercial siding cleaner like Wet & Forget or Simple Green’s Siding Cleaner. While the basic steps will remain the same, always make sure that you’re reading the instructions on the packaging to get the most out of your siding cleaner.

Step 2: Apply Your Vinyl Siding Cleaner

For this step, you’re going to want a scrubbing brush with soft bristles. You can also use a clean broom to reach those upper siding panels or a soft cloth. Please use caution and work with a partner if cleaning your siding requires the use of a ladder. 

While you can go from top to bottom or bottom to top, we recommend going from top to bottom. Dip your brush or cloth into your cleaning mixture and apply it from one end of each panel to the other. By beginning at the top, you can wipe away any of the dirty cleaning solution that may drip down the wall as you go.

Step 3: Rinse Your Siding

The final step to clean vinyl siding is to rinse away the cleaning solution and any dirt, debris, or mildew that it lifts away. To do this, all you’ll need is your regular garden hose, although a spray attachment will make this job much easier.

With most cleaners, you’re going to want to rinse it while it’s still wet. To make sure that happens, apply your cleaner and rinse it away one panel at a time. 

The only exception? As the name suggests, Wet & Forget is designed to be left on. It will continue to lift debris and kill mold and mildew over time, so don’t worry about rinsing it off.

FAQs About Cleaning Vinyl Siding

man scrubs vinyl siding using long brush and demonstrates how to clean home exterior

Now you know how simple cleaning vinyl siding really is. Before we leave you to it, let’s go over a few of the questions we often get about cleaning vinyl siding. Many homeowners feel more motivated to clean vinyl siding (and clean it the right way) when armed with more information. 

Why Should I Clean Vinyl Siding?

Is it really necessary to clean vinyl siding? What’s the worst that could happen if you neglect vinyl siding maintenance? 

Cleaning vinyl siding on a regular basis will keep it from developing a major buildup of dirt and mildew. While the former primarily impacts your curb appeal, mildew can draw moisture into the siding and cause it to warp.

Can I Pressure Wash My Vinyl Siding?

Unless you’ve got a lot of experience with both pressure washers and vinyl siding, we don’t recommend using a pressure washer to clean vinyl siding. While it can be a very effective tool, using the wrong equipment or settings can cause damage. Skip the pressure washing unless you’re confident in your skills or willing to risk denting, fading, or water damage.

How Often Should I Clean Vinyl Siding?

Most homeowners can get away with cleaning their siding every one to two years without any problems. It’s a great spring or summer chore, although you can also wait until fall if you want to remove all of that leftover springtime pollen. You may also want to squeeze in an extra cleaning session after a period of heavy rain and high humidity, which may lead to increased mildew growth. 

Come to Andes Roofing for High-Quality Vinyl Siding

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Installing high-quality vinyl siding can make your home look better and enhance your property value. By taking good care of that vinyl siding, you can stretch its lifespan from a few decades to five or six. Use this guide to clean vinyl siding the right way and turn a major chore into a manageable task.

Are you in the market for new vinyl siding? Did you notice that your roof needs maintenance during your last outdoor cleaning session? Contact Andes Roofing for all of your siding, roofing, and gutter needs in Sellersburg and beyond.