If you have a four-legged companion, then you know that regular exercise should be a big part of his daily routine! The more active your pup can stay, the better his overall health will be. 

While that’s easy to say, it’s not always as easy to do, especially if your home doesn’t have a safe backyard for your pal to roam. In that case, you’ll need to take him to a dog park.

If you live in Louisville, you’ve got plenty of local options. Today, we’re taking a look at the best dog parks in Louisville KY, and sharing the top features that help them stand out from the pack.

Membership-Required Dog Parks

If you live in Louisville and you plan to frequent the dog park a lot, then it’s worth the investment to become a member of a local one! Membership-only parks are generally well-maintained and offer an enhanced level of privacy. However, they do come with a cost.

You can purchase an annual membership through the Louisville Dog Run Association (LDRA), and the price goes down with each pup you add. The first is $45 while the second is $35 and the third is just $25. From there, it’s $20 per additional dog. 

You can find and submit LDRA applications at almost every Feeders Supply location around town. Once you’re officially in, it’s time to start exploring. Let’s take a look at six of our top picks. 

Sawyer Dog Park

Opened in 2004, Sawyer Dog Park was the first off-leash dog park in Louisville. Situated within the gorgeous 554-acre E.P. Tom Sawyer State Park, it occupies six lushly wooded acres that your pet is sure to enjoy. 

This park is located in the city’s east end, off Westport Road. It consists of three, 2-acre lots, all of which are separated from one another and very secure. Throughout each lot, you’ll find plenty of benches so you can rest while your pal plays. 

Cochran Hill Dog Run

The Cochran Hill Dog Run is located within the city’s Cherokee Park. A beautiful, two-acre green space with gorgeous landscaping and mature trees, it’s a reprieve in the middle of the bustling urban oasis. 

With benches, chairs, and gazebos scattered throughout, it’s a great place for pup parents to sit, relax, and socialize. There are three pens reserved for small dogs, bigger dogs, and dogs that prefer less interaction than others. While this park is a little smaller than the others, that adds to its charm. 

Champions Dog Run

You might not expect to see a pristine dog park right between River Road and Zorn Avenue, but that’s precisely where you’ll find Champions Dog Run. 

Occupying nearly four acres, the park sits atop a former golf course, and its rolling hills make it one of the most scenic in the city. If you want to stay out of the sun, situate yourself and Fido under a weeping willow and take in the view. While this park is adjacent to the highway, it’s surprisingly quiet and peaceful. 

Waverly Dog Run

The next time you visit the stunning, forested Waverly Park at the city’s south end, remember to bring your pup with you! The Waverly Dog Run sits on around 1.5 acres and is among the most scenic of the bunch. 

The foliage on the trees is a sight to behold, especially as the seasons change. However, one drawback of this park is that there aren’t separate areas for different types of dogs. It’s one big, grassy area that has a ton of potential and can be lovely when it’s not too crowded. 

The Barklands of Floyd’s Fork

three dogs walking together in dog park

Locaed around 15 minutes east of Vettiner Park, The Barklands of Floyd’s Fork stands a notch above the rest in terms of newness, cleanliness, and innovative design. 

This may be because it’s the first park to be completely designed and finished by local firm 21st Century Parks. Located within the sprawling, 4,000-acre Beckley Creek Park, it’s near a host of outdoor activities, from fishing and kayaking to picnicying and gardening. 

There are designated pens here, and the park keeps a full calendar of events for the community to enjoy. Plan to bring your pup and stay a few hours at this one. 

Vettiner Dog Run

Like Sawyer Dog Park, Vettiner Dog Run is pretty and wooded. Conveniently located near the east end of Jeffersontown inside Charlie Vettiner Park, it’s two-acre span is a little smaller than some of the others. 

While you’ll need to trek uphill a little to get there, the views that reward you at the top are definitely worth it. Nearby, you’ll find trails, picnic spaces, and even a little waterfall if the weather is just right!

Non-Membership Dog Parks

If you’re just passing through the city or you don’t prefer to buy into a membership club, you can always check out some of Louisville’s non-membership dog parks. These spaces are equally special and inviting but may lack some of the upkeep and amenities you’ll get with the three dog runs above. 

Here are a few of our top suggestions. 

Morton Avenue Dog Park

The calling card of Morton Avenue Dog Park is that it’s the only free off-leash dog park in Lousiville. When you visit, you’ll find plenty of shady benches to rest on, as well as a plethora of shared toys for your furry best friend.

While it only occupies around one acre, this is a pet friendly space that feels bigger than it is. Located just left of Jefferson County Traditional Middle School, keep in mind that the on-street parking might be limited during an academic or athletic event. 

Louisville Waterfront Park

Finally, don’t forget that you can bring your dog to Louisville Waterfront Park as long as he’s on a leash! The riverside space has a ton of trails to explore, as well as grassy areas for sitting, swinging, and relaxing. 

Explore These Dog Parks in Louisville KY

dogs running around and playing in dog park

Now that you know a few of the top dog parks in Louisville KY, it’s time to get out there and enjoy them! Whether you’re lucky enough to call our city home full-time or you’re in transit, we’d love to welcome you and your good boy (or girl!).

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