Louisville, KY doesn’t get as much press as a lot of other cities. However, the fact of the matter is that Louisville has a lot of fun things for visitors to do and see. 

Whether you’re looking for Louisville family fun or are just trying to have a good time with your friends, you’re sure to find plenty of awesome options. Wondering what exactly Louisville has to offer? Our local team has compiled a list of things for you to do!

Here are 7 fun things to do in Louisville KY. 

Louisville Kentucky view with pedestrian walkway in front

1. Visit the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory

Louisville is home to one of baseball’s most popular bats: the Louisville Slugger. This legendary bat has been used since 1855 and continues to be manufactured right here in Louisville. 

The coolest thing about this is that visitors have the opportunity to visit the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory. This museum not only allows you to learn about the history of the iconic bat but it also enables you to see how it’s made. 

There is a range of exhibits included in the Louisville Slugger Museum. There’s also a bat vault that includes models of different bats that have been made throughout the years. 

2. Visit the Kentucky Derby Museum

Louisville is home to the world’s most iconic horse race: the Kentucky Derby. This occurs every May and draws huge crowds annually. 

If you can’t make it to the race itself, you should strongly consider coming to the Kentucky Derby Museum, also located at Churchill Downs. This museum highlights the rich history of the Kentucky Derby and also gives you a chance to view the hallowed grounds. 

It’s located just 10 minutes from downtown Louisville and thus can be reached easily by anyone visiting the city. 

3. See the Ohio River at Louisville Waterfront Park

Louisville is located on the Ohio River, one of the biggest and most important rivers in America. If you really want to take in the Ohio River while visiting Louisville, you should visit Louisville Waterfront Park. 

This park is not just a great place to see the river but a terrific spot to play, kayak, explore, and more. It covers 85 acres and provides a variety of seating and public art displays. If you’re looking for a laid-back, low-stress afternoon, give Louisville Waterfront Park a go. 

4. Check Out the Muhammad Ali Center

Louisville Muhammad Ali Center building view

Louisville is the hometown of arguably the greatest boxer of all time: Muhammad Ali. The icon is celebrated heavily throughout the city and is most prominent at his museum, the Muhammad Ali Center. 

This huge museum displays all sorts of Ali-related exhibits, not to mention equipment, gear, and artifacts. If you’re a boxing fan, it’s a must. If you’re a history fan, it’s highly recommended as well. 

Few 20th-century figures had the impact that Muhammad Ali did. His influence is worth learning about and can be learned about thoroughly in this 96,750-square-foot building. 

5. Take in the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience

Do you like alcohol? Are you interested in learning about how it’s made? If so, you should take in the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience. 

This is offered at the Evan Williams Distillery in downtown Louisville. This experience enables you to taste a wide variety of bourbons, all the while taking you on a tour of the brand’s large distillery and compound. 

There are other distilleries in Louisville as well. These include Copper & Kings American Brand Distillery, Stitzel-Weller Distillery, and Angel’s Envy Distillery. So, if you’re a bourbon or whisky fan, give them a look. 

6. Explore Louisville Mega Cavern

One of the best options for Louisville family fun is to explore Louisville Mega Cavern. This artificial cave was made out of a limestone mine from the 1930s. It now serves as a fun discovery spot for thrill-seekers and families. 

You can zipline through the cave, take a tram tour through the cave, ride BMX bikes in the cave, and more. You can also explore the cave on foot if you once. 

This particular cave is located beneath the Louisville Zoo and the Watterson Expressway. Due to this, it’s reinforced with a variety of support structures. The use of these support st

There Are All Sorts of Fun Things to Do in Louisville KY

Louisville Kentucky downtown street view

When it comes down to it, there are all sorts of fun things to do in Louisville KY. Not only are there a variety of Louisville museums to visit but cool restaurants, bars, and outdoor attractions as well. So, if you’re looking for a gem, come visit the Gateway to the South. 

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